Grandstream Unified Communication

Today, a large and exciting variety of communications devices and applications (email, video conferencing, mobility voice surveillance) are available to help companies achieve greater sales success and business growth. UC technologies have changed the way SMBs / SMEs manage their operations in terms of how workers perform their daily activities, and how the organization communicates, operates, and establishes its brand with the outside world. The belief that the SMB/SME is a much larger entity is a crucial boost that UC gives to SMBs/SMEs. This increased awareness allows SMBs to become more competitive on the marketplace in order to attract new customers and attain success.Communication network forms the backbone of any enterprise. It can make or break employee productivity, day-to-day operational efficiency and an organization’s overall cooperation.
Grandstream Unified Communication Benefits: 
  • Connects geographically dispersed offices and remote staff, allowing them to access the same communications system features as then headquarters via computers, mobile phone, video phone, video conference system, etc.
  • Reduces long distance calling costs and cellular charges; cuts travel cost
  • Low upfront system costs and no long-term equipment and service costs provide excellent Return on Investment (ROI) 
  • Simple, user-friendly technology 
  • Offers perception that SMB is actually a bigger business that it is
  • Adds mobile support for remote workers and road warriors; Employees able to access and share information internally and externally to be more productive and competitive; Ability to access work phone lines and voicemail via mobile phones or to receive voicemail via email
  • Telepresence and video conferencing technologies help to unite and manage off-site employees 
  • Strengthens customer service by using features like I IVR and call routing queues for superior call handling, and more


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